I’m back (and looking for work)

Hey there, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged here. I will be doing more of it in the near future because I’ve just been unceremoniously let go from my day job in the immediate aftermath of me owning HIMSS coverage again and having the top two stories on the site on Monday and the top story on Tuesday. Their loss.

That means I will be posting daily in the short term, but it also means I’m looking for work. Here’s a link to my résumé, in case you know of any suitable opportunities.

I am thinking maybe my career in daily/weekly journalism has run its course after 25 years, including the last 16 in healthcare. I’m open to opportunities in research (after all, I have a history degree), analysis or maybe even consulting. I’d like to write books, but I have no real means of supporting myself while doing so.

If you have any ideas, contact me at nversel@gmail.com. I will say that I am not interested in freelance marketing gigs for specific vendors, because those would create conflicts of interest whenever I cover competitors. (If you have something full-time, let’s talk.)

In the meantime, enjoy the new posts on Meaningful HIT News (though the name is kinda dated now).

Thanks for your readership over the years.