I’m speaking at the Health Technology Forum in SF

If you’re in Northern California, or plan to be, I will be on a panel at the Health Technology Forum’s 2013 Innovation Conference: Platforms for the Underserved on Friday, April 19, in San Francisco. I’ll be sharing the podium with Jan Oldenburg, Aetna’s VP for provider and patient engagement, in a breakout session on patient engagement. (There will be at least one other panelist, still to be determined.)

We’re still working on the details, but I suspect this session will cover what it means to be an engaged patient, the 5 percent portal usage requirement in Stage 2 of meaningful use, the relationship of patient engagement to patient satisfaction and the technologies and strategies that are and are not working. Since it is an innovation conference, I might have to play the role of reality checker like I often do when I venture into the Bay Area. :)