Among docs, mobility is global

I’m thinking that the m0bile physician is a global phenomenon.

I get on a lot of ridiculously misguided mailing lists (I’ll post an example right after this). One I just received while up writing at 1:30 a.m. was an invitation to take part in a physician survey about mobile technology. Once again, I am not a physician. But before I click the unsubscribe link, I decided to take a look at the survey itself.

The survey, from a custom publishing house in the United Arab Emirates (yeah, I am on a lot of weird mailing lists), asks doctors about tablets, smartphones and their use of social media. I include the link only because I am interested in seeing the results. Are doctors in other parts of the world adopting mobile devices as quickly as U.S. physicians? Is this trend limited to industrialized countries, or do physicians in somewhat wealthy, non-Western lands such as the UAE and other oil-rich states also love tablets and smartphones?

If anyone else has any insight from outside North America, Western Europe and other rich countries like Japan and Australia, please share in the comment section.