New HIT news site: EHR Outlook

Rule No. 1 of blogging: post often enough to keep your audience. I seem to have broken that rule in the past eight days.

The problem is, I’ve been doing so much (paying) work for others that I have neglected this site. For example, I have a new gig as a contributor to a fairly new, blog-style news site, EHR Outlook, published by Access Intelligence of Rockville, Md. (which just happens to be my home town). I’ll be writing weekly for that site, which provides fairly basic EHR-related information and advice for physician practices, a return of sorts to my roots in healthcare journalism. My first post went up last week, and a second should get posted Monday.

I have a lot more to blog about, but for now, here’s another hilarious Xtranormal video about how all the mundane paperwork makes a physician more of a “real doctor” than a veterinarian: