More video of me speaking on m-health

A little more than a year ago, I had my first-ever professional speaking engagement, keynoting the University of Maryland-Baltimore Health Sciences and Human Services Library’s “@Hand Symposium on Mobile Technologies in Medicine and Academia.” How green was I? Prior to this presentation, I had never created a PowerPoint slide deck.

I knew the audio from my session had been recorded, but I didn’t find out until after the fact that there was a ninja video camera stealthily hidden in the projector mount that dropped down out of the ceiling. It took a while, but UMB finally got around to posting video and presentation slides from that day-long event. Then compare and contrast to my recent speaking gig at Meharry Medical College to see what’s changed, both in terms of my content and my presentation. (The names of each talk are rather similar, but that’s because Meharry suggested the title for me. Some of the slides are the same, but most have changed, as has the information I offered with each one. This is a fast-moving field, after all.)

While you’re on the UMB page, check out some of the other speakers. I found particularly interesting what Duke University School of Medicine was doing with the Amazon Kindle, per Megan von Isenburg’s presentation.

Also, thanks for reading my recent post at the EMR and HIPAA blog. It’s sparked the kind of lively debate I’ve been hoping for ever since I started blogging seven years ago.