A soliloquy for meaningful use?

Lots of journalists such as myself don’t have journalism degrees. When people ask me about my non-clinical background, I’m proud to say I’ve got a degree in history. I like to think it gives me an advantage over some journalists since a solid liberal-arts education taught me how to do more than just regurgitate information. I learned how to research, how to analyze, how to ask questions and, above all, how to think. Once in a while, I wonder how my career may have turned out had I actually studied journalism or perhaps pursued a master’s, but not often. One thing I’ve never wondered, is where I might be now if I had gotten a degree in English instead. Until today.

Having just read “An Eligible Professional’s Soliloquy” on the HITECH Answers blog, I bow to the superior literary skills of Wayne Singer. Who says Shakespeare can’t teach us a few things about health IT?