State of mobile and wireless healthcare

As I previously mentioned, I was invited to speak last week at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn., on the subject of mobile and wireless healthcare. Unlike past presentations I’ve given, this time I have video. But it’s not easy posting 65 minutes of HD video (a 4.5-GB file). YouTube limits uploads to 15 minutes. Vimeo has no time limit, but restricts file size. Finally I got some software to downsize my video to an acceptable size, so here it is via Vimeo.

I actually gave the same presentation twice, first to about 50 people in an auditorium for Meharry’s grand rounds (plus a few more by videoconference from the local VA hospital), and later in the day to an audience of about 20 people in the Department of Family & Community Medicine. This is the latter, taken with my own video camera set up on a tripod with no camera operator and no external microphone, so the sound level might be a little low. Meharry’s A/V staff recorded the morning session, and I’ll post that professionally shot video if and when I get a copy.

Healthcare and Healthcare IT: Here, There and Everywhere from Neil Versel on Vimeo.

Since some of the slides are hard to read after I lowered the video quality, here’s a PDF of my slides so you can follow along.

I’d like to thank Paul Talley, M.D., director of Medical Grand Rounds at the school, for having me, and Fatima Mncube-Barnes, Ed.D., Meharry’s library director, for inviting me to speak and setting everything up.