Early edition

Regular readers of my work for FierceMarkets know that the newsletters usually hit your inboxes in the early to mid-afternoon. Today, many of you will get FierceEMR early as part of a little experiment to see when people open the newsletter and click through to stories.

It’s 9:35 a.m. here in Chicago and 10:35 a.m. at Fierce headquarters in Washington, and today’s issue is done. I’m exhausted from a late night and an early morning trying to meet the early deadline. All the stories are up on the FierceEMR site already, awaiting your perusal. Check them out, while I go get another cuppa–and ponder going back to bed.

This will be the last you’ll read of mine from Fierce until Monday, Aug. 30, as I’m taking a week off. Not a vacation, mind you, but a week off just to catch up on things like sleep, housework and sanity, and hopefully start on a long-delayed home improvement project. I can’t guarantee I’ll blog next week, either, but then again, I haven’t exactly been on a regular schedule here in a while. Paying gigs come first. :)