Podcast: HIMSS CEO Steve Lieber, 2010 edition

Last Thursday, for the fourth consecutive year, I sat down with HIMSS CEO H. Stephen Lieber for an interview ahead of the opening of the annual HIMSS conference. For the third consecutive year, the recording actually worked. And for the second consecutive year, I went to HIMSS headquarters in downtown Chicago for the interview, rather than waiting for the conference itself. Unfortunately, the HVAC system in the conference room was rather noisy, so there is some background noise. Still, the voices come through loud and clear.

I wrote a story based on this interview in Monday’s FierceHealthIT, but here is the world premiere of the full recording.

Podcast details: Interview with HIMSS CEO H. Stephen Lieber on the 2010 HIMSS conference, recorded Feb. 18, 2010. MP3, stereo, 128 kbps, 31.7 MB, running time 34:36.

1:00 State of the HIT industry a year after ARRA
2:20 HIMSS10 registration patterns
5:00 Types of vendors exhibiting this year
6:30 Mobile applications
8:20 HIPAA, 5010 and ICD-10
10:15 Health IT’s role in healthcare reform
13:45 Health IT alone can’t fix healthcare
15:40 Getting the word to physician practices about meaningful use
17:55 Hospital-based physicians and meaningful use
19:15 Pressure to achieve meaningful use
20:15 Why HIMSS doesn’t support weakening of requirements
21:40 Health IT workforce issues
25:10 Hiring IT professionals laid off from other industries
26:40 The future of certification
30:00 Clinical decision support comes of age
31:55 Focus of the 2010 conference