Extormity backs down

After posting Extormity’s challenge to Dr. David Blumenthal a couple of weeks ago, I neglected to post this follow-up message from the fictional vendor:

Extormity Issues Hasty Retraction

Just 48 hours after challenging National Coordinator for Health Information Technology David Blumenthal to a rumble, behemoth EMR vendor Extormity has issued a retraction.

“It seems that provoking a federal official, even to a thumb wrestling match, is frowned upon by the secret service,” said Extormity CEO Brantley Whittington from his winter retreat in Aspen. “While Extormity is a fictional organization, the threats from the secret service were very real. I was reminded that while the white house crashing Selahis have already enjoyed their fifteen minutes of fame, they and their heirs are now subject to a lifetime of scrutiny from the IRS.”

While Blumenthal should no longer be concerned about a physical confrontation, Extormity is not backing away from its efforts to water down meaningful use criteria.

“I have been informed that challenging Mr. Blumenthal to a dance-off is well within my constitutional rights,” added Whittington. “Tom DeLay has already established precedent here, and both current and former government employees are obligated by federal statute to accept a dancing challenge proffered by natural born United States citizens. Therefore, I am asking Mr. Blumenthal to square off in the salsa, the cha-cha and a traditional waltz – best score gets to make the final call on meaningful use.”

About Extormity

Extormity is an electronic health records mega-corporation dedicated to offering highly proprietary, difficult to customize and prohibitively expensive healthcare IT solutions. Our flagship product, the Extormity EMR Software Suite, was recently voted “Most Complex” by readers of a leading healthcare industry publication.

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Well, the proposed meaningful-use regs came out on Wednesday, and my first impression is that they don’t seem terribly watered-down. I wrote a story for FierceHealthIT earlier today.