Telehealth at the VA

If you only follow me via this blog, I’ve been incommunicado for some time. But I’ve been extraordinarily busy the last few weeks, churning out issues of FierceHealthIT, FierceMobileHealthcare and FierceEMR each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. I’ve just returned from covering the Medical Group Management Association‘s annual conference in Denver and, just for good measure, did a piece for my favourite British health IT publication, E-Health Insider.

The E-Health Insider piece is an in-depth interview with Dr. Adam Darkins, chief consultant for care coordination and telehealth at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, about the vast telehealth infrastructure and programs at the VA. Darkins is scheduled to speak remotely to an EHI conference in Birmingham, England, next month, which explains EHI’s interest in the story. I also happen to think it’s an article people here in the States will find worthwhile.