Microsoft’s answer: No

I mentioned Wednesday morning that Microsoft and the Mayo Clinic launched their trial with HealthVault. “Left unanswered so far is whether Mayo convinced Microsoft to sign a HIPAA business associate agreement,” is what I wrote.

I then posed this question in an e-mail to Microsoft, and got a response from a publicist: “No, Microsoft did not sign a HIPAA business associate agreement with Mayo. I can tell you that Microsoft is committed to complying with applicable laws and currently complies with existing State breach notification laws. They are also committed to complying with ARRA statutes on their effective dates.”

So there’s the answer.

Meanwhile, Google seems to be taking the recent criticism about the accuracy of claims data in Google Health PHRs seriously and constructively. More on that later, as I may actually write something that I’ll get paid for. You might want to keep an eye on Dave DeBronkart’s blog, too. There’s nothing up there yet, but I imagine there will be soon. John Halamka posted his thoughts last Friday.