Podcast: Jonathan Bush at HIMSS09

CHICAGO—It’s becoming a tradition, sitting down with athenahealth Chairman, CEO and President Jonathan Bush for a podcast during the annual HIMSS conference. If you missed the original in 2007 or the sequel in 2008, you missed a whole lot of fun. If you happened to catch either or both of those, you know you’re in for some more entertainment, and perhaps even some enlightenment. We get awfully intellectual this time.

By the way, this one is rated PG-13 for language, but the kiddies wouldn’t understand the topic anyway. Enjoy.

Podcast details: Interview with athenahealth’s Jonathan Bush at HIMSS09. MP3, stereo, 64 kbps, 16.6 MB, running time 36:11.

1:45 Thoughts on “meaningful use”
2:25 Maybe accelerate PQRI?
3:30 Why EHR implementation has failed so far
4:40 David Ricardo and physician transcription
4:35 Let primary care physicians be the disruptive force
5:30 Lessons from “House”
6:15 Rethinking medicine
6:50 Micromanagement by the government and thoughts on scope of practice
7:50 Practice models that work
9:05 Data that help manage populations
10:05 Lobbying in Washington and qualifying for stimulus money
11:15 Medicare audits
11:30 HIMSS membership and “defensive” business management
13:00 Software-enabled service vs. software vs. ASP vs. software as a service
14:30 Examples of software-enabled services
16:45 Why standalone software is dying
17:15 Uninstalls of other products
18:15 How the stimulus has affected the company
21:20 “Aggressive stance” of Medicare
21:40 Many things happening at once
22:40 Unintended consequences of government actions
24:50 Entitlement spending and end-of-life care
28:30 Potential similar problems with stimulus and a return of the <a href="
http://clinicalit.blogspot.com/2007/03/podcast-jonathan-bush.html”>”plutonium sneakers.”
29:20 Decision-makers who have never run a practice
30:00 Hopes for David Blumenthal as national coordinator
30:30 Thoughts on comparative effectiveness studies
31:20 Concerns of HIT industry: “Don’t make what I’ve been doing for years illegal.”
31:50 Different needs for different doctors
32:35 New standards on data mining and patient privacy
34:20 The example of General Motors