My BNET commentary on the Google-HIPAA issue

I’ve got a new outlet for my work, namely the BNET Healthcare Blog. My first post went up today after a couple of weeks of refining and editing—worth it only because the faster I get the hang of BNET’s style, the more I get to post on this big stage.

The subject is the denials by Google and Microsoft that their PHR offerings are not subject to the new HIPAA requirements, even though the language seems clear to me and to several experts I’ve talked to. I specifically quoted Dr. David Brailer in this post, from a conversation we had a couple of weeks ago for a story I wrote on the stimulus bill. Brailer consulted extensively with congressional staff during the legislative process.

I expect BNET to put up another post of mine on Wednesday, hopefully before HIMSS09 ends at 2:30 p.m. CDT.