Sebelius has tax issues, too

When Kathleen Sebelius was nominated to be secretary of Health and Human Services a month ago, I snidely remarked that I hope she’s current on her taxes. That’s the issue that derailed the nomination of President Obama’s first choice for HHS, Tom Daschle.

Someone left a comment on that post just a few minutes ago about that hope being deflated. I checked, and sure enough, there’s a story this evening about Sebelius having to pay back taxes.

Mr. President, please pick me for a top spot in your administration. I’d like to under-report my own income, too. While you’re at it, get us an HHS secretary and perhaps a CMS administrator, stat. Someone needs to parcel out that $19.2 billion in health IT stimulus money, and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology only has control over $2 billion of that. Get going and stimulate the economy.