Health Wonk Review rocks the Inaugural

The latest Health Wonk Review is up at the Disease Management Care Blog. Host Jaan Sidorov, M.D. (that’s right, a real physician blogger), waves the flag this time in honor of the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. Well, Sidorov actually doesn’t even get to Inauguration Day, preferring to dwell on the spectacle of the We Are One concert last Saturday. It was more fun than watching the Obamas dance to the same song at each of the 10 inaugural balls they attended anyway.

Through SCHIP and MedPAC, Ingenix and the California Supreme Court, even to a little Obama buzzkill on Medicare Advantage, Sidorov rocks out. He leaves health IT to the encore, closing the show with a bulimia-inducing performance by lil’ ol’ me. It ain’t a party till someone pukes!