It’s officially an epidemic

From Urban Dictionary:

academic bulemia [sic]

The process of learning or memorizing by rote, subsequently followed by the regurgitation of that knowledge onto an exam answer sheet. Just as with the serious eating disorder, this form of bulemia [sic] results in no real retention of substance.

This term is frequently applied to describe a common practice of young medical students.

I can’t remember anything that I learned last night. It’s like I grabbed the answer sheet, puked out all the answers and forgot everything immediately. I’d say that’s academic bulemia [sic].

As of this writing, the “score” for this definition was 6757 up and 833 down, so I’d say it’s pretty well accepted, even if the spelling of “bulimia” is wrong.

Anyone care to guess now why there are so many medical errors in teaching hospitals that don’t have adequate clinical decision support systems? Anyone? Anyone?