A sign of the times

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually, given the state of the economy, but one of my gigs is going away. Specifically, Cambridge Healthtech Institute is pulling the plug on Digital HealthCare & Productivity after two more issues. The company focuses more on life sciences, pharmaceutical research and biotechnology than on health IT, and I guess sales weren’t keeping up on the health IT side.

That means that after three or four years of regular assignments from Digital HealthCare & Productivity (formerly known as Health-IT World), I’m losing a big source of my income. Editors, consider this a solicitation. Yes, I’m going to contact some people directly, but it never hurts to put myself out there.

This blog barely produces any income, and was never meant to be my livelihood. In fact, I’ve thought of discontinuing it because I’ve been frustrated by so many people identifying me primarily as a blogger, not the experienced journalist that I am. For now, though, the blog stays. If nothing else, it’s good advertising for my “brand.”