Calling out a bigot

I was updating my blogroll today when I came across the Health Train Express blog. I have chosen not to add this to my blogroll at the moment, but rather to highlight one tremendously offensive post.

In commenting on the presidential campaign, the unidentified author lists personal criteria for choosing the next leader of the United States. One is: “I will not base it upon slick oratory, charisma, and/or rhetoric.” That’s fair. What’s not fair and what really really really pisses me off is the fact that right next to a photo of Barack Obama is a picture of Adolf Hitler. Seriously.

As 1980s punk legends Dead Kennedys so eloquently put it, Nazi punks f— off. No matter whom you support for president, there is no place for Hitler comparisons in American politics, and it’s certainly far out of bounds for a blog that purportedly is dedicated to health information technology.

However, I am all in favor of exposing bigots like the author of that blog.