Thanks for the honor

I am humbled to say that this blog has made the list of “Top 50 Health 2.0 Blogs” at the RN Central site. The blogs are categorized, but not really ranked, so I guess I don’t know where I fall in the hierarchy, but that’s OK. Health 2.0 is but one aspect of health IT, but a fast-growing one.

Or is it? A debate has started on some other healthcare blogs (including The Health Care Blog) about the future of health 2.0. Dmitriy Kruglyak wrote on his Trusted.MD site this week that news of the impending sale of Revolution Health highlights the fundamental flaws of health 2.0 as is exists today.

Matthew Holt, writing at THCB, begs to differ—while also promoting his Health 2.0 Conference. Holt and Kruglyak go back and forth in the comments section, and I imagine this is not the last we will hear on this subject. I’ll be in San Francisco next month for the next installment of the conference, and am looking forward to some animated discussion.

And now back to my discussion of blogs that reach beyond a single category. Nick’s Blog, the first public blog by a U.S. hospital president, has migrated to F. Nicholas Jacobs is stepping down at the end of the year as CEO of Windber Medical Center in Windber, Pa., and, presumably, will turn over the Windberblog site to his successor. I call your attention once again to a podcast he did with me a year ago.

I’ve added Nick’s Blog to my blogroll, along with the Wall Street Journal Health Blog.