Health Wonk Review

I submitted my Kolodner podcast to Health Wonk Review, and the latest rundown of the healthcare blogosphere is up at the Health Business Blog, hosted by David Williams. Kudos to David for his succinctness. Now I’m no longer scared to volunteer to host one of these. Just not in the next couple of weeks, as I’m off to Italy on Saturday evening for the third week of the Rockefeller Foundation‘s “Making the eHealth Connection” conference series.

I do expect to blog some from the conference and do expect to submit some stories to my regular outlets while I’m there, so I won’t be completely incommunicado. I’m just not volunteering for any extra work until I get back on Aug. 5 (I’m not going all the way to Italy without taking a few sightseeing days for myself) and wrap up a few other lingering assignments. So there.

Thanks again, David, for a good HWR. However, I don’t get your “Manumussionaries” comment about my post. I see there’s a Healthcare Manumission blog on the list, but I still need further explanation.