Podcast: Jonathan Bush, the sequel

For me, the highlight of HIMSS ’07 was my podcast interview with Jonathan Bush of athenahealth. It was so much fun, he agreed to sit down with me again at this year’s HIMSS conference. I’m hoping this can become a regular occurrence. We get full of ourselves at several points and get way off topic at times, but it was taped on the last morning of HIMSS and everyone’s a little loopy by then. Even the technical glitch—my microphone being off for a few seconds—didn’t affect the outcome, other than to provide a good laugh or three.

Podcast details: Interview with Jonathan Bush, president and CEO of athenahealth, recorded Feb. 28, 2008, in Orlando, Fla. MP3, mono, 64 kbps, 18.9 MB. Running time 41:17.

0:35 The cult of Mr. HIStalk
1:25 Is
Cerner pulling out of HIMSS?
2:25 Disruptive technologies
2:50 Why software is dead
4:25 Why other companies still sell software
6:30 The “dead zone” around the
Orange County Convention Center
Chief athenista Todd Park and future plans for the company
10:15 athena’s lingo
12:10 Success of
eClinicalWorks based on selling software
14:10 Google Health, the next
Google Health vs. Microsoft HealthVault and other PHRs
18:00 Why existing PHRs are not much better than Microsoft Word
19:00 How athenahealth could help with PHRs
20:40 PHRs need something to do
21:15 Could Google give doctors leverage with health plans?
23:55 Trust issues
24:45 Risk vs. reward for sharing health information
26:05 athena’s API for linking to PHRs
27:25 Why e-commerce works in other industries
28:35 What doctors need
29:25 Carrot vs. stick: cash, options or control
31:10 Opportunity for doctors to take back disease management from payers
33:00 How to reach physician practices
33:40 Targeting smaller practices
34:55 Opportunities with enterprise customers
36:15 Partnership with
Eclipsys and the seeds of RHIOs
39:40 Slight technical glitch, and concluding remarks