Health Wonk Review

For the first time, I’ve participated in a blog carnival called Health Wonk Review. (Actually, it’s the second time I’ve submitted something but the first time they’ve included my post.) This is a biweekly rundown of what various health bloggers are saying. I sent my post from Wednesday on two federal health IT issues and the prospects for Medicare reform.

Today’s edition has been compiled and hosted by Washington pundit Bob Laszewski, on his Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review.

You will notice that mine is the only IT-related post. I am not going to whine about this fact, however. Matthew Holt of The Health Care Blog was one of the founders, and Shahid Shah, the Healthcare IT Guy, is a regular participant. Vince Kuraitis, author of eCare Management, is scheduled to host the next HWR on Jan. 24. It’s up to each blogger to submit an entry each time, and I guess the others just didn’t participate this week. I’m going to try to do this again. The exposure benefits everyone.

That’s a lot of links above. Here again is the link to the current edition.