Health 2.0 slight?

“Health 2.0” seems to be everywhere in this insular world of health IT we live in, and even in a lot of places on the outside. But not in the Wired Geekipedia.

This directory of “The Wired World From A to Z” includes entries on Web 2.0 and even the vaporware-heavy (or is it concept-light) “Web 3.0,” whatever Web 3.0 really means. But nothing on health 2.0.

It still might be too early for health 2.0 to have any meaning in the wider world outside healthcare, but the “wired world” changes fast. Published in September, the Geekipedia already is out of date. In its current iteration, Geekipedia lists Fake Steve Jobs as still under a cloak of anonymity. Of course, FSJ (“Dude, I invented the friggin iPhone. Have you heard of it?”) has since been outed as Forbes senior editor Daniel Lyons.

Any volunteers to be Fake Bill Gates? He’d surely want a piece of the healthcare market. Oh, wait. Someone’s already done it. Dude, he created the Blue Screen of Death! Have you seen it?