Still more health 2.0

Here is another link in the health 2.0 category:

Visual Medical Dictionary (beta)

There’s a five-minute screencast tutorial of a related Medline/PubMed-based research interface at

One of the other health 2.0 offerings I listed in my Sept. 24 post, the Within3 social network for physicians and medical researchers, has a upgrade scheduled for unveiling on Monday.

So there, I’ve just set myself up for a flurry of e-mails from other health 2.0 projects wanting a mention.

On a totally unrelated subject, I stumbled across a Dutch-language healthcare blog today called The site also has an aggregation of English-language healthcare blogs, but that’s not why I call your attention to it. Today’s post has a photo scanned from the Roanoke Times in Virginia of a pregnant woman who “worries about the effect on her unborn child from the sound of jackhammers.” She’s holding a lit cigarette.

And as I was typing that last paragraph, I got a call from a robo-dialer. The recording said, “Please hold for an important call.” The message repeated itself before I hung up. I guess it wasn’t important enough for you to have a live person make the call.

There’s proof once again technology can’t fix broken processes.