Video HITs, cartoon style

I guess it was inevitable, with all the health 2.0 efforts that have come out of the woodwork of late, but the people behind HIT Transition, namely Martin Jensen and Michael Christopher, have had a beta launch of The Health IT Channel, otherwise known as HITCHtv. There are only two videos posted so far (both hosted on YouTube and embedded on the HITCHtv site), but the first seems like it required a bit of effort.

It’s an animated swipe at Microsoft‘s new HealthVault, the product that seemingly everyone but the Redmond Empire itself is calling a personal health record. Without naming names, the parody also makes fun of Dr. Deborah Peel and her Patient Privacy Rights Foundation for endorsing HealthVault.

OK, so Jensen does name Peel in a HIT Transition blog post that explains what he thinks is wrong with HealthVault. Kudos for not hiding behind the shield of anonymity. I’ll add HITCHtv to my blogroll.

In the other video posted so far, Jensen comments on the threat that Wal-Mart poses to traditional healthcare delivery methods. Commentary is fine. Parody is better. Do they have the budget for more cartoons? This 37-year-old fan of Adult Swim sure hopes so.