Talking politics

A lot’s been said of late about what the 2008 presidential hopefuls have to say about healthcare in general and health IT specifically.

I have a few things from the punditry that may or may not shed light on what’s happening.

First off, Kaiser Network has posted the full video, audio and transcript of Barack Obama’s May 29 healthcare policy speech in Iowa City. Click here to see/hear/read his remarks.

Meanwhile, the Cato Institute‘s Michael Cannon is commenting on Jonathan Cohn’s comparison in the New Republic of Mitt Romney’s plan to the “HillaryCare” circa 1993. Ah, barbs from both sides of the aisle! Good thing the election is a mere 16 months away!

Also, it’s not exactly IT, but I had a story in Friday’s Chicago Sun-Times about the Blue Healthcare Bank. And speaking of links to stories I’ve written, my Red Herring piece on PHRs finally is online. Click here.