Maybe there’s something to it

Now that everyone has had a turn trashing Practice Fusion for its apparent attempt to use Google‘s name to promote itself, I’m thinking that perhaps there is a future for an advertising-supported EMR.

Given my propensity for letting things pile up, I just read the Feb. 15 commentary by Michael Millenson in HHN Most Wired OnLine. Millenson, who’s been covering health IT a lot longer than I have, suggests with tongue only slightly in cheek that the profit motive will lead to all kinds of corporate sponsorships of healthcare technologies and even facilities.

What’s cool about this article is that it was published a full month before the Practice Fusion story broke. Could it be that advertising really is the future of medicine?

And speaking of advertising, I’m going to use this space to promote myself once again. Don’t forget to check newsstands next week for the April 23 issue of Red Herring for my look at personal health records. Naturally, I’ll post a link to the online version when it’s available.