Podcast: Jonathan Bush

NEW ORLEANS—As promised, here’s my particularly lively podcast with Jonathan Bush, president and CEO of athenahealth. I could tell you some of the highlights, but the details below ought to be teaser enough. Enjoy.

Podcast details: Interview with Jonathan Bush, president and CEO of athenahealth, recorded at HIMSS’07 in New Orleans. MP3, mono, 64 kbps, 11.8 MB, running time 25:45.

2:12 HIMSS traffic
2:50 HIT interest in ambulatory care/Stark changes
4:05 “Battle of the Thunderdome” at the nexus of health IT
5:00 Personal health records
7:10 Role of government in health IT
7:56 Role of hospitals in promoting HIT adoption
9:25 Movement of money in healthcare supply chain
11:00 athenahealth’s relationship with Eclipsys
11:50 athenahealth’s business model
12:45 Plutonium shoes and the value of “free”
15:40 athenaClinicals and financial guarantees
16:55 Physicians and data entry
19:08 Office/workflow management as a supply chain
20:30 athena’s scanning/data-entry operation
21:20 Delivering results
22:45 Outlook for the industry
24:45 The “athena model”