New year, new opportunities

Want to make big bucks in government? HHS still is looking for a deputy national coordinator for health information technology. The job, which pays $109,808 to $165,200 annually, is open until Jan. 22. Click here for details, and be prepared for a thorough background check.

If you do plan on applying for that job, here’s yet another reason why hospitals make mistakes: downright bone-headedness. From the site, Overheard in the Office, comes this gem:

2PM This Is an Ex-Patient!

Receptionist: So we’re going to need to reschedule his appointment, then?
Nurse: No, Mary*, this patient has passed away.
Receptionist: Okay, so then I’ll call him in the morning?
Nurse: You don’t understand. He’s dead.
Receptionist: Well, Dr. Smith* has a slot open for Monday…
Nurse: He’s dead.

Providence Hospital, 5th Street and Colby Avenue
Everett, Washington

via Overheard in the Office, Dec. 29, 2006

Happy new year. May 2007 be filled with more lucid moments than this hospital receptionist provided.