Podcast: Malcolm Costello of Kryptiq on interoperability

At the recent Medical Group Management Association annual conference in Las Vegas, I sat down with Malcolm Costello, vice president of marketing for Kryptiq Corp., a healthcare communication and integration company in Portland, Ore. We talked about secure messaging and other means of electronic communication that are helping to improve healthcare workflows and link providers to patients.

I was surprisingly alert for 9:30 in the morning, when we recorded this, and the sound quality is better than normal because I used an actual hand-held microphone rather than the built-in mic on my digital recorder. What a concept!

Podcast details: Interview with Malcolm Costello, VP marketing, Kryptiq Corp., recorded Oct. 24, 2006 at MGMA annual conference in Las Vegas. MP3, 64 kbps, 9.0 MB, running time 19:41.

00:22 What Kryptiq does
01:20 Online communications as a way to interest physicians in IT
02:25 Michigan State case study on messaging
03:15 Memorial-Hermann case study on prescription refills
04:15 Nursing burnout from administrative inefficiency
05:05 Coordination of care from electronic messaging
06:27 Standards in messaging vs. standards in EHR
07:30 Different formats of physician portals
08:40 Where messaging fits in the RHIO discussion
09:24 No good, sustainable financial model for RHIOs
10:00 Peer-to-peer messaging is a better idea
10:58 E-mail works in other industries as a standardized communication platform
11:53 Potential of smart medical devices and other future communication technologies
14:02 E-mail for disease management
14:55 Integration of inputs from patients
16:15 Outlook for interoperability in the future
18:25 Adoption without standardization