Looking forward from Katrina

Tuesday, of course, was the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Of all the news coverage examining what went wrong and how bad things still are in the Gulf Coast region, I haven’t seen anything forward-looking, at least in terms of healthcare.

Wait, I take that back. I did see one story: my own. And it wasn’t even published in the United States.

I wrote a fairly detailed commentary on post-Katrina rebuilding of healthcare for London-based E-Health Insider this week.

I hope every U.S. publication that passed on my services is embarrassed for missing this important side of the story. But it’s not too late. I have plenty more material from my five-day tour of Louisiana and Mississippi last month, pertaining to much more than just IT. Editors, I await your call.

I’m also slowly putting together a podcast with the hours worth of compelling audio I have from my trip. Most likely, you will only hear it right here on this blog.