Blogging en español and other international affairs

Well, OK, it’s not me who’s blogging in Spanish. I studied French. But someone who reads this blog does write in Spanish. I got a mention this week in the blog entitled “Noticias seleccionadas por Sanitic” concerning my July 26 post on open-source software.

Muchas gracias for the mention. You are officially added to my blogroll on the right side of the screen.

From what I can gather, “sanitic” essentially means “health IT” in Spanish, at least in Castillian Spanish because this seems like a European site, which helps me segue nicely into my next thought.

I really do want to attend and cover the first World of Health IT conference in Geneva in October. As a freelancer, I usually have to cover my own travel expenses, so I make sure I have enough work to make any work-related trip worthwhile. This, of course would be an expensive trip.

I’m not begging for a sponsor here (I’ll do that privately with some of my clients), just fishing for names of English-language publications around the world that might be interested in my services for that conference, which is focusing on health IT in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Muchas gracias.