Open source in healthcare

Two posts in one day? I guess when it rains, it pours.

I heard from open-source advocate Fred Trotter today, who pointed me toward this link about how this year’s annual LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will, for the first time, have a day devoted to open-source software in healthcare.

According to Trotter, “This is pretty significant development. It means that you are getting some of the big healthcare companies and the open source revolutionaries together talking.” Medsphere CEO Dr. Ken Kizer, who led the Veterans Health Administration‘s push for automation a decade ago, is keynoting, so I suppose someone is paying attention.

While we’re on the subject of the VA and open-source software, I will mention that yours truly has won an award, or at least a story I wrote won the award for someone else. Great Valley Publishing Co., publisher of For The Record, took a 2006 APEX Award for Publication Excellence for Feature Writing for “Worth the Plunge? A Look Inside CMS’s VistA Office EHR,” which I wrote late last year.

I would like to thank The New York Times for inspiring me to write the story by screwing up so royally by running the headline, “U.S. Will Offer Doctors Free Electronic Records System,” a year ago last week.