Aw, shucks

This blog has just made the Top 10 Favorite Health IT Blogs list of the EMR and HIPAA blog. Thanks for the accolade.

I have not had time to blog this week because of the just-concluded TEPR conference. Although the Medical Records Institute maintains that this year’s event in Baltimore had record attendance, crowds seemed sparse in most of the sessions. I do think the conference had more space in the Baltimore Convention Center than the 2005 edition had in Salt Lake City, but the exhibit hall seemed pretty empty.

I do know that the room was way less than half full for the opening plenary, but we got plenty of insight from Phil Sissons, former vendor liaison for the English National Program for Health IT. Let’s just say he is no friend of program director Richard Granger. I wrote something for E-Health Insider in the UK, finishing at 3 a.m. EDT for a London deadline.

My Health-IT World coverage of the opening session is here. I also wrote a story on the raucous town-hall meeting of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology. I was lucky enough to be sitting right in the middle of the crossfire between two unhappy vendor reps.

I heard some talk that the future of TEPR is uncertain. It usually is a good conference, but some of the luster seems to be wearing off. Maybe that has to do with people getting serious about technology instead of going over the top with their exhibits, maybe not. I just calls ’em like I sees ’em.