A business opportunity and a milestone

I just had a thought. After reading that Walgreen Co. has announced plans to open walk-in medical clinics in a handful of stores in St. Louis and Kansas City, I realized there is a business opportunity here for some enterprising health IT vendor to offer personal health records to patients who use such clinics. Some other form of the Continuity of Care Record would work, too.

Full-disclosure time: I actually have to give mad props to Bruce Japsen, who mentioned in his story in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune that the AMA and others have raised concerns about continuity of care for patients of retail clinics. I’ve met Bruce maybe once or twice, but my former boss and his (at a different times), Clark Bell, says he’s good people. That’s good enough for me, so you can make the royalty checks out to both of us.

OK, just kidding. I have ethics. I’ve taken a $5 Starbucks card from a vendor, but not much more than that. Regardless, I still think it’s a good idea to produce some sort of electronic report for walk-in patients to take back to their regular physicians.

And now for the milestone part of this post, as advertised in the headline. Today, this blog had its 10,000th visitor since I began tracking traffic in September 2004. No. 10,000 came from the network at Youngstown State University, on a link from Misys Healthcare Systems.
Thanks for all your clicking!