Podcast: The biggest IT project you haven’t heard about

The folks at Trinity Health in Novi, Mich., are in the midst of a massive rollout of health information technology that eventually will cover 24 hospitals in seven states—and have the third-largest clinical data repository in the nation, behind only the Department of Veterans Affairs and Kaiser Permanente. Called Project Genesis, the effort has not been widely publicized (not for lack of trying—I pitched the story to a couple of editors last year and was turned down).

While meeting last week with Narendra Kini, M.D., Trinity Health’s executive vice president for clinical and physician services, I decided to turn the recorder on and let him explain Project Genesis for the masses (or at least the few hundred people who will find this page). This podcast is the result.

Podcast details:
Narendra Kini, M.D., Trinity Health. MP3, mono, 64 kbps, 5.7 MB, running time 12:30.