Podcast: Dr. Bill Yasnoff on regional connectivity

William Yasnoff, M.D., former National Health Information Infrastructure director in the Department of Health and Human Services, has created a new business model for community-wide health information exchange, which he calls the eHealthTrust. Now a private healthcare consultant in Arlington, Va., Yasnoff recently landed its first eHealthTrust customer, the Louisville Health Information Exchange. In this podcast, he explains the concept and discusses a current request for proposals for the Louisville project.

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Yasnoff also has his own blog on e-health. The link is in my blogroll.

Podcast details:
Interview with William Yasnoff, M.D., on the “eHealthTrust” concept. MP3, mono, 64kbps, 21 MB, running time 45:59.

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Issues with building National Health Information Network
4:45 Winning stakeholder cooperation
6:20 HIPAA and patient ownership of medical records
7:20 Financial sustainability of regional health networks
9:48 Business case for the eHealthTrust
10:40 An untapped source of revenue
11:45 Consumer awareness of EHRs
13:10 Public trust and consumer access to their own health information
15:10 Why there should be centralized health databases
17:55 Usability of search functions in an eHealthTrust
19:30 Financial consequences of decentralization
22:25 Components of an eHealthTrust
23:30 Security and operational considerations
26:35 Explanation of eHealthTrust business model
31:25 Participation of Medicare/Medicaid/uninsured patients
Louisville Health Information Exchange
37:15 Services offered to patients
41:13 Louisville contract bidding process
45:18 For more information