Meet the Bloggers details

It’s official, we are having an informal gathering of health IT bloggers and readers on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 8:30 p.m. at Hennessey’s Gaslamp, 708 4th Ave., San Diego. That’s walking distance from the convention center and most of the HIMSS hotels. Click here for a map.

RSVP here, then check here to see who else is coming.

Admission is free, just pay for your own food and drink. You think any of us actually make any money with these blogs?

Also, I am now a published author, not merely a media jackal. I wrote the January-February issue of Doctor’s Digest, entitled, “Technology in Practice.” (See if you can guess what the topic is.)

While technically a periodical, it’s bound like a paperback book, my name is on the title page and the editor referred to my draft as a “manuscript.” Plus, I wrote the whole thing, somewhere in the neighborhood of 34,000 words. Sounds like a book to me.

Free online subscriptions right now cover only the six 2005 editions. If you weren’t one of the 110,000 or so physicians and practice managers who got a copy in the mail, contact I’ll see what I can do about bringing some extras with me to HIMSS next month—as if I won’t have enough to carry without them.