Clinical IT goes wiki

The folks at The Informatics Review, namely clinical informatics specialists at the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS), have posted a wiki on the topic they know best.

Journal editor Dean Sittig, the director of applied research in medical informatics at Northwest Permanente Medical Group, started the Clinical Informatics Wiki (Clinfowiki) in July. I heard about it yesterday.

So far, the wiki is limited to a handful of topics, including CPOE, clinical decision support, personal health records and regional health information organizations. The EMR section only addresses clinical sign-out applications.

The great thing about a wiki is that it’s open and constantly changing and growing. Anyone can contribute—subject, of course, to fact-checking. Given some of the misinformation that’s been promulgated of late, e.g., “free” EMRs from CMS, fact-checking is a good thing. So is an online database of clinical informatics topics.