Update on Bill Yasnoff

A couple of weeks ago, I speculated that Dr. Bill Yasnoff might be sent as Dr. David Brailer’s replacement when Brailer had to cancel his scheduled appearance at the TEPR conference in Salt Lake City. Soon after posting that thought here, I was informed that Yasnoff had left his position as coordinator of the National Health Information Infrastructure project within the Department of Health and Human Services.

I now know where Yasnoff is: He has started his own consulting firm, NHII Advisors, to help those working on healthcare IT infrastructure systems and projects. The firm is based in Arlington, Va. A Web site, www.nhiiadvisors.com, is not yet functional, though that’s the domain for Yasnoff’s e-mail address.

As a matter of courtesy, I’m hesitant to publish his e-mail and phone number here, but let’s just say he’s in the phone book.

One more note: I’m expecting to surpass 2,000 visitors to this site since I started tracking hits last September. Thanks for reading and thanks for your feedback on my blog. As volume increases, I may stick some Google ads on the page if I can do so in an unobtrusive way, in hopes of raking in the massive sum of a few pennies a week.