Dr. Sam has landed

Here’s something that came across my desk not too long ago: Longtime medical informatics champion Samuel Bierstock, M.D., perhaps best known as the leader of Dr. Sam and the Managed Care Blues Band (now Dr. Sam and the Frivolous Action Blues Band), recently took a job as vice president and chief medical officer of consulting firm Healthlink.

Bierstock, a.k.a., Dr. Sam, a longtime friend of the staff of a certain magazine I used to work for, will head Healthlink’s Thought Leadership Group (whatever that means), will help physician-clients implement clinical IT systems, according to a Healthlink press release. He also will work with other Healthlink physicians to shape company policy and direction for Houston-based Healthlink.

Dr. Sam left his previous job of vice president of medical affairs at hospital systems vendor Eclipsys in June, shortly before releasing “Goin’ Bare,” his band’s second CD, a tongue (depressor)-in-cheek take on the current state of medical malpractice liability.

Having heard just a few snippets of the disc, I’ll say that the band has a nice blues groove, a high compliment coming from a Chicago resident.

Though I won’t be turning this blog into a music-review column, I’m hoping that that last sentence will help me convince potential future employers that I can do more than just write about “boring medical stuff.”