Why is this news?

Pretty much all the e-mail news summaries I get—iHealthBeat, “SmartBriefs” from the eHealth Initiative and AHIP, etc.—picked up a May 30 Las Vegas Review-Journal story about a statewide electronic prescribing network in Nevada. It was a good feature piece for a general-interest newspaper.

For healthcare trade publications that like to stay timely, this is what we call a stale story. The Review-Journal reports that the Sierra Health Services-Allscripts program dates to December. That was six months ago, for those of you keeping score at home.

Actually, the partnership goes back even further than that. How do I know? I wrote a piece about this very same program in the Oct. 11, 2005, edition of Health-IT World. I know a lot of the trade press had the same story.

Moving the nation’s healthcare system into the 21st century is a tough job. We need to look forward, not backward.

Stay tuned for my next round of media bashing. I’ve got a good one in the works! I do, however, expect to be sidetracked by the National Health IT Week events in Washington next week.

Now if you will please excuse me, I have a flight to catch.